TikTokers Are Washing Their Hair Upside Down for More Volume and a Deeper Clean

Some say it's worth the hassle — here's what experts think.

Woman Washing Hair Upside Down

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Avid followers of #HairTok might have noticed a simple hair hack that's doing the rounds on TikTok these days: upside down hair washing. The trend — which simply consists of tilting your head forward and applying, then rinsing, your shampoo and conditioner with your hair over your face — has inspired countless creators to document their experience with it, with some of the most popular videos garnering millions of views.

But why are people washing their hair upside down? Well, TikTok users claim this method creates more volume and leaves hair feeling cleaner and more hydrated, among other potential benefits. People with all kinds of hair types are trying and loving the trend, but it seems to be especially beneficial for those with naturally curly hair and those looking to create greater volume, because it prevents pressure from the shower head flattening hair at the crown area and lets you cleanse closer to the scalp.

Some hairstylists and trichologists swear by upside down hair washing and have been recommending it to their clients for years. Before you try it for yourself, here's what experts have to say about the method — including whether or not it's worth the possible pain in your back from bending over to wash your hair.

What is upside down hair washing?

Upside down hair washing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. "It consists of flipping your hair over or upside down when shampooing the hair [and] cleansing the scalp," says Helen Reavey, a board-certified trichologist, celebrity hairstylist, and founder of Act+Acre.

Apply both shampoo and conditioner while the hair is still upside down to ensure "a deep a thorough wash," explains Lisa Abbey, a hairstylist and founder of Strength x Beauty. "You can brush out [your hair] either in the shower or after, but you'll get a more thorough detangling on long hair if you also flip over [the hair] to brush through," she says.

Use a wet brush or wide tooth comb to brush out hair while it's wet or damp after conditioning to get the most out of this method, recommends Abbey. When brushing hair while it's still upside down, start at the ends and gently work your way up to the back of then head. Then, flip the hair back over to finish, she suggests.

Upside down hair washing is used to help strengthen the hair, reduce frizz, and boost volume, according to the experts and dozens of TikTok videos.

Does washing hair upside down work for added volume and a deeper cleanse?

Experts vouch for the many benefits of upside down hair washing. "Especially for fine or silky hair, this technique helps add volume by lifting the roots as you shampoo and condition, to 'build in' body," says Abbey. It's also great for those with curly hair to avoid unwanted matting on the crown of the head. "You don't have the issue of the water pressure flattening the hair at the top of your head where you want volume the most," adds Abbey.

Upside down hair washing may also promote better scalp health. "A common scalp concern is oily roots, but nine times out of 10, it's not actually from oil in the hair, it's from product build-up and not cleansing the hair properly," explains Reavey. "By washing your hair upside down, you're putting less pressure on the root of the hair, allowing your shampoo...to penetrate deeper, leading to a better cleanse," she continues. You may also find that your products rinse out more easily.

But that's not all: The hair-care method "brings stimulating blood flow to the scalp," says Abbey. "This helps nourish the roots and the hair follicles for better growth and healthier, stronger hair overall."

For some hair types, washing hair upside may also help reduce frizz, suggests Abbey. "We stylists think it's because you'll get a more even application of your hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and it gives better access to saturate those areas around the hairline that tend to frizz most," she explains.

Is upside down hair washing safe?

Upside down hair washing is largely safe, though bending over to flip your hair over for extended periods of time could strain your neck and back. "Although I wouldn't say there is a downside to this method, washing your hair upside down can definitely be a bit uncomfortable or inconvenient, depending on your shower," says Reavey. A detachable shower head is ideal for this trend, as evidenced by many TikTok videos.

Washing your hair upside down could also lead to tangling in certain hair types, she adds. However, some may find the method actually helps detangle strands, according to Abbey.

Upside down hair washing is a good way to increase volume and benefit scalp health: True or false?

Woman Washing Hair Upside Down

Upside down hair washing may feel a little uncomfortable, but other than that, experts are quick to recommend it for added volume, a deeper cleanse, and promoting scalp and hair health. While this method can be great for all hair types, people with with less natural volume and those with curly hair might see the most benefits.

"It's a really good tip, especially for people who want volume or have curls," says Reavey.

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