Shoppers Over 65 Credit Their ‘Shiny and Full’ Hair to a Growth Shampoo from Jennifer Garner’s Go-To Brand

Some saw “significant regrowth” within six months.

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This Shampoo From Jennifer Garner's Go-To Brand Makes Thinning Hair 'Much Thicker,' According to Users
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IMO, Jennifer Garner is a national treasure who should be revered as such. In addition to starring in the greatest film of all time (13 Going On 30, obviously), she’s my go-to source for workout inspiration, and even introduced me to my favorite haircare brand, Virtue. Garner calls this healing oil from the line her “secret weapon”, but it’s actually better-known for its growth-promoting formulas.

The Virtue Flourish Shampoo, for instance, has helped dozens of shoppers curb excessive shedding and strengthen weak strands with a few well-studied ingredients. The brand’s patented Alpha Keratin 60Ku, a key component of all Virtue products, mends breakage by filling in cracks created by heat and chemical damage. Other ingredients like peptides and sodium hyaluronate (a derivative of hyaluronic acid) hydrate your scalp, a benefit that improves circulation and prevents buildup. Finally, red algae soothes scalp inflammation, a symptom of dandruff and dermatitis that can disrupt your skin barrier and contribute to hair fallout. (Pssst: Hairstylists rave about this $270 air styler, but thousands of shoppers are still loyal to this $65 version.)



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Even shoppers dealing with severe and long-term hair loss have been pleased with the results. One reviewer over 45 years old raved that their mane “feels and looks like it did in high school” when it was “very, very thick.” It “looks the healthiest it’s been in 30 years,” they explained. After experiencing hereditary hair loss, another user saw “significant hair regrowth” within six months. A third shopper over the age of 65 added that even after experiencing post-COVID-19 hair-loss, they now have “a gorgeous mane of stunning gray hair that is shiny and full” thanks to this formula. (BTW: Shoppers say this hair growth oil “works wonders” on thinning scalps, lashes, and brows — and it’s 50 percent off.)

Hair loss is a symptom of a huge range of underlying causes, but effective treatments like this shampoo have helped many manage the problem. You can shop it for $44 from Virtue’s site

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