Shoppers Who Stand for 10 Hours a Day Dub This Relief Cream 'a Game Changer' for Chronic Knee Pain

Some say it even minimizes pain in just "two applications."

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Shoppers Who Stand for Over 10 Hours a Day Call This Relief Cream 'a Game Changer' for Chronic Knee Pain

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Sometimes, a full day of standing is unavoidable. In best case scenarios, like exploring a new city or visiting a theme park, the hours fly by, and while uncomfortable, the tingling under foot is a reminder of time well-spent. However, for people whose daily job involves non-stop standing and walking, those aches and pains can impact performance and even prevent free time from being enjoyable. Investing in supportive shoes is a great first step in preventing long-term injury, but when it comes to immediately managing pain, many have turned to topical relief creams.

The Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel, for instance, has more than 35,000 perfect Amazon ratings, and has helped shoppers deal with everything from arthritis to general muscle fatigue. The star active ingredient in this formula is diclofenac sodium, an anti-inflammatory agent that has long been used to treat joint discomfort and stiffness. Meanwhile emollient propylene glycol pairs with a water base to create a silky gel that easily glides onto affected areas and even gives skin a boost of hydration. (BTW: Healthcare workers say these cushioned tennis shoes stay comfortable and supportive for the "whole day.")

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel


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Most importantly, people who spend the majority of the day on their feet swear by its efficacy. One fan who spends over ten hours standing daily dubbed it a “game changer,” and raved that the cream took them from being “in agony” from achy knees to feeling “very little” pain. It “helps immensely with my pain relief,” agreed another worker who spends “all day” walking and standing at a “demanding, hectic job.” A final shopper who regularly stands “all day” at work said the Voltaren gel “took away” their foot pain in just “two applications.” “It didn't feel cold or hot or tingled like many creams do, it just felt better,” they wrote. (Pssst: These are the best back massagers of 2023  for sore muscles.)

If standing for hours is inevitable for you, treatments like the Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel can help your day go by with ease by rapidly relieving long-term discomfort. Try it for yourself by shopping it at Amazon while it’s on sale for $28. 

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