Waitresses Say These Classic Loafers ‘Feel Like Clouds’ — Even After Standing All Day

Servers recommend them to anyone who stands “for hours on end.”

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Waitress Shoes
Hey Dude.

Swollen ankles, muscle fatigue, lower back pain, and persistent achiness are just some of the many symptoms that come from being on your feet for hours."Without support from footwear, your feet work harder to maintain balance and stability, which essentially gives them a greater workout,” podiatrist and foot surgeon Bruce Pinker previously told Shape, adding that this habit increases your chance of injury and arthritis. 

When it comes to picking the right shoes to bolster foot health, it’s best to take advice from the pros. Restaurant servers, for instance, are accustomed to spending as much as eight hours walking and standing throughout a shift, taking over 20,000 steps within that time. However, unlike those in other professions who are likewise required to spend a lot of time on their feet (like nurses and tour guides), food service employees are often not permitted to wear athletic sneakers, which is why they rely on dressy yet supportive footwear options like the HeyDude Wendy Lace-Up Loafers

Upon first glance, these slip-ons look like classic canvas boat shoes. However, they feature thick leather outsoles and memory foam insoles that absorb shock as you move. Plus, this loafer is incredibly lightweight, non-slip, and machine-washable (ideal for accidental spills). (BTW: Here are five comfortable shoes nurses rely on for 12-hour shifts.)

Hey Dude Women's Wendy Lace-Up Loafers Comfortable


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One waitress called the loafers “perfect,” adding that their feet don’t hurt while on the job. Another restaurant worker who reportedly spends most of their shift “running around” raved that these shoes feel like “walking on clouds” and ended up purchasing three pairs in total. They’re “a must-have for sure,” they added. A third server agreed that their feet are “pain-free at the end of the day” when wearing this pair, adding that they “highly recommend them if you’re on your feet for hours on end.” (Pssst: Shape dubbed these knee pain-friendly sneakers “the best cushioned running shoes of 2023,” and shoppers agree.)

When it comes to work-appropriate shoes that keep you comfortable all day long, consider these waitress-loved loafers a safe bet. Shop them on Zappos and Amazon, starting at $40.

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