Watch Every 2014 Super Bowl Commercial and Teaser in One Place

See the ads everyone will be talking about! Watch sneak previews of Super Bowl XLVIII commercials and check back for the full-length spots as they air


This Sunday is one day you won't want to fast forward through the commercials and lucky for us, there's been an influx of teasers from advertisers. From puppies to pistachios, David Beckham's abs and even a double dose of Greek yogurt, the game day lineup is very impressive. Scroll down to see every 2014 Super Bowl commercial in one place.


The adorable Anna Kendrick stars in this behind-the-scenes teaser for Newcastle's ad. We're not sure how she kept a straight face.


The phone company turned to Tim Tebow, who hasn't had an NFL contract in a year, for a clever take on the wireless carrier's new no-contract policy.

Soda Stream

Is it just us, or is the banned SodaStream ad featuring Scarlett Johansson kind of tame relative to the hype it has received? FOX refuses to air the spot because of its last line: "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi." Pepsi is sponsoring the halftime show and Coca-Cola is another major advertiser.


Reports aren't clear what Jerry Seinfeld's commercial is about (nothing, perhaps?), but Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Larry David were spotted filming at Tom's Restaurant (the diner with the iconic neon sign immortalized on the sitcom) in New York City.


Cheerios brings back the interracial family that spurred controversy last year for a too-cute-for-words spot.


This adorable ad tops our list of favorites so far. It's 60 seconds of overwhelming puppy love that will have you melting-and reaching for Budweiser more often.


The theme of this year's minute-long commercial is that every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets his wings. The ad is already available, and is pretty hilarious.


The yellow peanut M&M gets hit with a sleeping dart while twerking in the teaser for this year's ad-it looks like a ransom situation that will be illuminated during the game.

Bud Light

A teaser was released for Arnold Schwarzenegger's Super Bowl Bud Light ad, with the actor-turned-politician stretching and warming up for what looks like a game of intense ping pong. There are also teasers that promise "412 actors, 58 hidden cameras, 5 rock stars, 4 celebrities and 1 unsuspecting guy." Don Cheadle and Reggie Watts also appear in teasers.


Kia released their commercial set to air during the third quarter, starring Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus from The Matrix with an operatic twist.

Wonderful Pistachio

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert stars in this year's Wonderful Pistachio commercial-you can check out a teaser here.

Go Daddy

NASCAR racer Danica Patrick steps back into the role of Go Daddy Girl, dressed in a bodybuilder suit running to a tanning salon with fellow bodybuilders, all male. The brand has been criticized in the past for featuring half-naked women, so the male nudity in this year's ad is a buzz-generating surprise.

David Beckham

The soccer star will debut H&M's new body wear collection in the only retail ad to air during this year's game.


Bono and co will debut a new song and video during the game.


James Franco Instagrammed a photo to reveal he'd be starring in Ford's Super Bowl commercial, though the spot will air after the coin toss, before the actual game.


Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston teamed up for the launch of Jaguar's "British Villians"campaign. The spot is set to air during the fourth quarter.


One strange teaser features a dog show and another with Sarah Mclaughlin and ‘misunderstood' animals are the only insight into this year's Audi commercials. No word on when the 60-second spot will air.

Pizza Hut

The pizza chain is holding a casting call just days before the big game to create a commercial that will air during the pregame coverage. The hashtag to go with the spot is #GoForGreatness.

Dannon Oikos

Dannon reunites the men of Full House for a nostalgic throwback to the popular sitcom.


The Greek yogurt brand makes its first commercial appearance at the Super Bowl with a yogurt-hungry bear, which will be an interesting competitor for the Dannon's Oikos commercial featuring John Stamos and the men of Full House!


It would be hard to top Apple's famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial, and there's no definite word the company will be airing a spot this year. However, Apple partner and advertising art director Lee Clow hinted on Twitter about a commercial for the company's 30-year anniversary.


Two teasers have been released in advance of this year's commercial: One featuring a long series of slow claps and another the exact same except with puppies in place of the people.


The Muppets star in this year's Super Bowl ad with Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews (AKA Old Spice guy).


The teaser for Butterfinger features a couples therapy session for peanut butter and chocolate using the hashtag #cuptherapy to promote the candy bar's new Butterfinger cup.


The body spray brand has already made waves in social media for its surprisingly touching depiction of soldiers and heads of state forgoing conflict in the name of their paramours, alongside the tagline Make Love, Not War.


Doritos has introduced five ads competing to air during the big game-our favorite is the finger cleaner. We'll see the winner on game day!


As the official halftime sponsor, Pepsi's commercial tells a story of how the tradition of halftime was created (as a mid-game soda break, of course) featuring the music of this year's headliner Bruno Mars.


Beats' new music streaming service from Dr. Dre launches a commercial for the new software that's rumored to trump Spotfiy in the competitive online music space. Ellen DeGeneres stars in a Goldilocks-themed commercial for the new service.

Old Spice

A creepy and odd Old Spice commercial has already been leaked.


John C. Reilly voices the inspiring Turbo Tax 60-second spot.


After nearly two decades without a Super Bowl commercial, the ketchup brand will air a 30-second spot assumed to coincide with their "Show Us Your Heinz" campaign.


The car company brings girl power front and center in this touching ad of a young woman changing her tire.


Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting stars in Priceline's new spot.


We'd be lying if we didn't say this teaser, where a man and baby's head are switched, freaked us out!


Johnny Galecki tries to pick up a woman driving a Hyundai Elantra in this spot.


A big football opportunity for a small player can't help but make us smile.

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