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The Expert-Backed Guide to Full-Fat vs. Nonfat Greek Yogurt

With options overflowing from store shelves, figuring out the best Greek yogurt to buy can be, well, a b*tch. This breakdown of full-fat vs. nonfat Greek yogurt can help. 

Do Resveratrol Weight-Loss Supplements Really Work (and Are They Safe)?

You sip the antioxidant in sangiovese, but can resveratrol actually promote weight loss? Here's what you need to know about resveratrol supplements.

Is Fiber the Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss?

Not only does it promote a happy and healthy gut, but it also can help you meet your goals. Um, is there anything fiber can’t do?

How to Ditch Diet Mood Swings Once and For All

Experts share the (totally doable!) ways to meet your goals without hopping on an emotional rollercoaster.

Kim K's Trainer Shared Her Diet and Fitness Approach After Gaining Weight

Instead of focusing on one extreme measure, Melissa Alcantara is incorporating several bite-sized fitness and nutrition tweaks.

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Weight loss doesn't happen just by amping up your cardio and turning down dessert. Here, women share the biggest motivators in their weight-loss journeys and the simple changes they made to actually achieving their health goals. Find weight loss inspiration — and some bigger lessons — in their stories.

How to Jump Start Weight Loss Efforts to Improve Your Chances of Success

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