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I've got my work cut out for me next month. Namely, pushing past this plateau that's plagued me for two months. Fortunately, I have a game plan for busting through it. If you've got a plateau of your own to contend with, please join me in:

1. Embracing the plateau. No reason to beat myself up for it. I am only human. Might as well accept that this is all part of the get-fit picture.

2. Looking for hidden calories. I like salad dressing and nonfat flavored coffee creamers. While I have no intention of giving them up (because getting fit is not about deprivation), I will be more mindful of how much I'm using each day.

3. Moving. Last month, I was sick with the flu for almost two weeks and unable to exercise. So this month, I plan to SWEAT and rev up my routine. That means hitting the bag hard, raising the weights on my barbell and lots of skipping!

Let's see if it works!

For Jill's Month 10 stats and tenth complete Weight Loss Diary entry, pick up the October 2002 issue of SHAPE.

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