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Some days, you'd rather walk on hot coals than drag your tired, overworked self to the gym and fight the masses for a machine. So how do you stop those old excuses from sabotaging your weight loss efforts? Find out.

I'm Hooked on a TV Marathon

Not being able to pull yourself away from Snooki's shenanigans on Jersey Shore will never qualify as a valid reason for skipping your workout. Yes, it's more appealing to continue watching from the comfort of your couch, but the gym is one of the best places for watching TV marathons. Not only will the mind-numbing effect of reality television help you forget you're actually exercising, you'll also burn twice as many calories because you have to see how the episode ends.

I'm Sick of My Workout Music

This excuse may have worked when it was necessary to drive to a mall and purchase a cassette in order to have new workout music. But thanks to modern technology, the jig is up. It takes seconds to download new pump-up tunes and create playlists. You'll be jogging along to The Black Eyed Peas or Barry Manilow (no one's judging) before you know it. Next!

Beat the Weight Loss Plateau: Think about a trainer

I'd Go if I Had a Trainer

That's actually true. "When you realize you're going to be charged if you don't show up at the gym, you'll be motivated to go," says Sarah West, Lead Trainer at Results Gym. "Plus, the time will be more effective and hopefully more fun than going on your own." So consider spending your extra cash on something that's useful, rather than Saturday night booze-a-thons.

I'm Having a Fat Day

Hmmm ... really? This excuse clearly is the number one reason why you should hit the gym. If you can't bear to be seen in spandex pants, wear baggier sweats, a floor length-hooded sweatshirt ... whatever you need to do. Just go. You'll feel so much better than if you stayed home, mindlessly munching on the couch.

I Need to "Rest"

This is a great all-encompassing excuse for hangovers, travel-induced exhaustion, and speculation you may have swine flu. Your co-workers may also convince you that "resting" is actually code for partaking in cocktails after work. Unless you're legitimately sick, you shouldn't need more than two rest days a week.

"Don't think about whether or not you're going to work out on a daily basis," says West. "You need to work out much like you need to brush your teeth. And how many of us debate whether we feel like brushing our teeth in the morning?"

Beat the Weight Loss Plateau: Mix up your routine

I'm Bored with My Workout Routines

If you've actually dozed off while walking on a treadmill, you're not working hard enough. But, if you're just feeling uninspired, it's time to switch up your workout routines. If you did a spin class Tuesday, give your sore muscles a break by power walking on Wednesday. Try hip-hop dance, Plyometrics or Pilates. The possibilities are endless.

It's Sooooo Far

First of all, consider the distance before joining a gym. Don't choose a health club based on fancy amenities and cute trainers, but convenience, classes, and machine availability. "Since one of the biggest hurdles is physically getting to the gym, I tell people to try working out for 15 minutes," says West. "Usually once someone is in the gym and working out, he or she will stay and complete the workout."

I Don't Have Clean Gym Clothes

It's called laundry. Try it more than once a month, people! Plus, everyone sweats at the gym. If you throw on a t-shirt that's seen better days, you'll blend right in.

Beat the Weight Loss Plateau: Stop making excuses

I'll Go into the Office Early Instead

Some people truly believe that choosing to clock more hours at work trumps exercise. Your boss has no problem leaving mid-day to do her Jazzercise, so why should you? Hit the gym a few times a week before work and stop worrying about being the first one there. Regular exercise will actually help your productivity at the office.

I Don't Have Time to Wash My Hair

Hairstylists agree that hair is healthier if you wash it just once every few days (even if you go to the gym!). Yes, really. You can, in fact, work up a sweat without having to always wash your hair after. Simply spritz a little dry shampoo at the roots to soak up oil and boost volume. We love Alterna's CAVIAR Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo because it's talc-free.

The Weather Is Bad

No gym visit is worth power walking through four feet of snow or driving down icy, treacherous roads, but there are plenty of ways to work out at home. You can tone with free weights, pop in a yoga DVD, or try our workout routines and videos.

What's your must-have workout music? Share your tricks to staying motivated and favorite workout routines below!