December 25, 2008

When the Shape editors called me to schedule my first photo session, I was surprised to discover that the prospect terrified me! I'm not sure why exactly. After all, I didn't have any apprehension at all about admitting, in a national magazine, that I weighed 235 pounds. But as I thought about it some more, I realized that there's a difference between saying I'm 80 pounds overweight and showing the world what that looks like.

And I truthfully had no idea how a photo of me would look. When I started gaining weight, I purposely stopped paying attention to my reflection in the mirror. I wasn't kidding myself that I was still a smokin' size 6, but I was also blithely unaware of just how far from that hot girl I was getting. By having my picture taken, there'll be no way to dodge it. Not only will the world know what I look like, but I'll know.

The upside, of course, is that they're going to be shooting me every month. So with luck, the image on the page will steadily get closer to the image of myself I have in my head. And by month 12, I'll be thrilled with strangers knowing that the Aury Wallington whose slim-down efforts have been so successful, is none other than me!