Now that I'm into the second half of the year, my weight loss has noticeably slowed, and I'm constantly searching for new tidbits of inspiration. I turned to your comments on my blog-and was blown away! Thank you to everyone who reads my posts, and an even bigger thanks to those of you who are sharing your stories and words of encouragement with me. It warms my heart and really helps me find my focus. Amyee: Congratulations on losing 15 pounds! Frannie: Yes, it was a huge milestone when I no longer had to push the weight on the scale to 150 first before adjusting the top weight. I'm right there with you! And bless Anonymous, who said I look like I'm in my early 20s (birthday number 34 is rapidly approaching). Finally, a huge thanks to former Weight Loss Diarist Dara Chadwick, who has posted some very sweet comments. Dara, I'm looking at your blog now for motivation, too!