June 29, 2009

In the January 2002 issue of SHAPE Magazine, 38-year-old Jill Sherer takes over as the Weight Loss Diary column writer. Here, Jill talks about her "Last Supper" (breakfast, in this case) prior to starting the weight loss journey.

The Moment of Truth

By Jill Sherer

After weeks of sending in pictures and writing samples, answering questions, and wondering, I finally got word that the Shape Weight Loss Diary gig was mine.

To celebrate, my friend Kathleen took me out to breakfast. It seemed only fitting: The "Last Supper," (breakfast in this case) so to speak. One last indulgence before "I went on." I met her at the restaurant prepared to eat banana nut pancakes, a latte with real milk and cheese grits.

Until the waitress delivered us two menus, that is. Kathleen's had a full slate of copy and mine was completely blank, without print. Was this a sign from above or just a business oversight? Who knows, but it got me thinking. And in lieu of batter and butter, I ordered an egg -white omelet, dry wheat toast and a skim latte.

I can do it!