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The 1500-Calorie Diet Plan to Help You Score Your Dream Summer Body

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The weather’s warming up, which means you probably have one thing on your mind: bikinis! Our twelve-week Summer Shape Up workout plan, which launched in the May issue and goes through August, will help you burn and firm. But if you want to see results fast, you need to fuel your workouts with belly-flattening foods. Follow this 1500-calorie plan while doing this month’s fat-torching moves and you’ll lose up to 10 pounds—and see results by the end of this week!

Here’s how it works: All the breakfasts, lunches, dinner, and snacks are 400 calories, so you can mix and match any meal, any time of the day (who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?). Stick to three meals and two snacks each day, and be sure to drink at least 72 ounces of water every day.

Score your four Low-Calorie Breakfast Ideas to Supercharge Your Day.

Try these No-Cook Lunch Ideas for a Low-Calorie Diet.

Whip up 6 Guilt-Free Dinner Ideas for Weight Loss.

And to keep you on track in between meals, reach for these 6 Feel-Like-You're-Cheating Low-Calorie Snacks.

Each recipe makes one serving. Time saver: Make double the dinner and bring leftovers for lunch!

Want to see the whole diet plan at once (or print it out to keep in your kitchen)? Download the whole plan below.


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