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The 6 Most Overlooked Foods for Weight Loss

Artichokes (1 large)

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8 g fiber | 87 calories
Frozen artichokes have nearly as much fiber as fresh ones. Love stuffed artichokes? Slim them down with this recipe for skinny stuffed artichokes.

Raspberries (1 cup)

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8 g fiber | 64 calories
These berries are high in cancer-fighting ellagic acid. 

Pumpkin (1 cup pureed)

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7 g fiber | 116 calories
Pumpkin is a rich source of alpha and beta carotene. Don't know what to do with pumpkin besides carve it? Try these tasty ideas for cooking with fresh pumpkin.

Brussels Sprouts (1 cup)

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6 g fiber | 65 calories
Brussels sprouts have more protein than most veggies. 

Kiwi (1 cup)

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5 g fiber | 110 calories
One kiwi provides 273 percent of your daily vitamin C needs. Find out more reasons why kiwis are a better healthy snack than oranges.

Pear (1 medium)

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6 g fiber | 103 calories
Pears are high in soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol.
Don't know the difference between Bartlett and Bosc? Learn more about how to pick and prepare pears.


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