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Craving Something Sweet? 20 Snacks Under 200 Calories

Fat-Free Pudding Cup with Sliced Almonds

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Sometimes old favorites like pudding are the way to go and with fat-free varieties there is no reason to hold back from this sweet treat. Keep your hunger at bay and your belly full by topping one fat-free pudding cup with 3 tbsp of protein- and fiber-packed sliced almonds.

Calories: 192

Pear, Sliced and Topped with Almond Butter

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Sick of apples? Try a naturally sweet sliced pear with 1 tbsp almond butter for a quick and easy snack that can easily kick any craving to the curb.

Calories: 197

Halved Red Seedless Grapes with Drizzled Honey

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The only thing that could make one cup of halved grapes more delicious is a sweet topping like honey (limit to 4 tsp). Just goes to show that fat free is not flavor free and it doesn't hurt that skin red grapes are a natural source of the powerful antioxidant Resveratrol.

Calories: 205

Red Vines Sugar-Free Black Licorice

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Licorice can now be a great chewy treat without all the sugar. A five-ounce bag from Red Vines makes a great fat-free snack and will only cost you 90 calories.

Calories: 90

Dark Chocolate and Light Cheese

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Want to give your sweet tooth an antioxidant punch with a calcium boost? Try three pieces of Hershey's Extra Dark and a piece of Sargento® Light String Cheese.

Calories: 185

Agave Peach

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Forget peaches and cream: Slice up a whole peach and drizzle with a tablespoon of agave nectar for an extra hint of oozy sweetness packed with potassium and vitamin C.

Calories: 120

Whole Wheat Waffle Topped with Fruit Preserves

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Craving something warm with a sweet burst of black cherries in every bite? Whether you want to make your own or grab a Kellogg's Eggo Nutri-grain Low Fat Whole Wheat Waffle, simply top it with a tablespoon of delicious fruit preserves such as the Organic Black Cherry Preserve from Mediterranean Organic for a delicious treat.

Calories: 110

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants Kind Bar

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It can be hard to say no to a combination like dark chocolate, cherries and cashews − thanks to Kind Bars we no longer have to. This bar is not only packed with flavor, but it is also a decadent way to get 50 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamins A, C and E.

Calories: 180

Oskri Organics Desert Dates Bar

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Thanks to Oskri Organics, dates and almonds have officially met and we approve. This delicious snack may only be 160 calories, but it will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Calories: 160

Cascadian Farm Chewy Granola Bars

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Take a break from your hectic day with a high-fiber granola bar loaded with the flavor of delicious, organic vanilla.

Calories:: 120

Breyers Vanilla Fudge Brownie Sandwiches

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Sometimes nothing but the sweetness of ice cream will do and this Vanilla Fudge Brownie Sandwich definitely hits the spot without costing you an extra hour on the treadmill.

Calories: 160

Stonyfield After Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

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Many terrifying things happen after dark, like insanely powerful chocolate cravings. Please your inner chocoholic with a half cup of this delicious organic, fat free yogurt.

Calories: 100

Dried Apples with Cinnamon Yogurt Dip

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What has fiber, calcium, potassium, and protein with cinnamon all over? To make this easy snack simply combine cinnamon with 4 ounces of fat-free vanilla yogurt and grab five dried apple rings for dipping.

Calories: 165

Bagel-fuls Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Bagel with Cinnamon Cream Cheese

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How about a tasty cinnamon bagel, filled with cinnamon-flavored cream cheese, to satisfy that mid-morning sweet craving?

Calories: 200

Mallomars Cookie Pure Chocolate

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Can't fight those candy cravings? With Mallomars, a chocolate-coated marshmallow treat, you get to have two for only 120 calories. If only all two-for-one deals tasted this good.


So Delicious Minis Banana Split Sandwiches

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These dairy-free, convenient frozen snacks from So Delicious are pre-portioned, so you'll feel good—not guilty—when indulging in all the delicious flavors of a banana split.

Calories: 100

Purely Decadent® Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert

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Looking for a dairy and gluten free way to tame your cravings for sweets? Try a half cup of the Coconut Milk Cookie Dough frozen treat loaded scrumptious vanilla, cookie dough chunks and crispy chocolate flakes.

Calories: 190

BumbleBar Tasty Tropical Bar

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No matter what the weather is like, we can always count on the Tasty Tropical Bar to make us feel warm and sunny inside. Give your taste buds a bite of bliss with this blend of sweet pineapple and lush coconut.

Calories: 190

Fruit2Day Pomegranate Blueberry

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Need something sweet stat? Chug down some delicious natural juice. Each bottle is packed with two whole servings of fruit and an appetizing mix of pomegranate and blueberry.

Calories: 120

Smartfood® Honey Multigrain Popcorn Clusters     

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Been a busy bee lately? Keep your energy up with these fiber-rich satisfying Honey Multigrain Popcorn Clusters.

Calories: 110


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