I Tried Affordable Keto Meal Delivery to See If Sticking to the Diet Was Any Easier

Tired of Googling "is this food keto" a million times, I decided to give HelloFresh keto meal delivery a go—and it was totally worth it.

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Since making headlines in 2018, the popular keto diet has continued to pique peoples' interests, leading seemingly everyone to search the ~interwebs~ for keto-related content: how-to info, detailed keto meal plans, keto meal delivery, and high-fat recipes such as keto-friendly smoothie recipes, vegetarian keto recipes, even keto meals that'll work in the Instant Pot.

But the keto diet is also super restrictive on the carb front, limiting people to less than 50 grams a day. And because a lot of foods have carbs (yes, even your veggies have 'em), that makes navigating the diet a little tricky. (

Which is why, for a month-long experiment with the keto diet, I decided that the less I had to think about, the better. So instead of meal planning for every single morsel of food all by my lonesome, I strategically turned to food companies that make following the keto diet easier thanks to their packaged products and affordable keto meal delivery services.

Case in point: When I didn't have time to whip up a homemade keto snack—or even when I needed a keto-friendly dessert for my book club—I turned to Nui cookies. Not only did these sweet treats—similar to HighKey Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies (Buy It, $4, target.com)—satisfy my craving for a freaking cookie, but they also use monk fruit extract, a sweetener that's reportedly 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar (less is more!), so I didn't have to worry about going into carb overload from one cookie. In fact, I could have two.

The biggest lifesaver, though, came at dinnertime. While I'm okay with sticking to a routine during the day, my dinners have to be different each night. So rather than fall into a trap of Googling "Is ____ keto?" I turned to HelloFresh's keto meal plan delivery. Before jumping into the delish deets of their keto meal plan, a little background on HelloFresh's keto offerings: In 2018, the subscription meal company acquired Green Chef, a company that develops gluten-free menus for those following a keto or paleo plan. This means that three nights a week, I didn't have to think about whether the foods in my keto meal delivery dishes had too many carbs or not enough fat *or* go grocery shopping and spend hours reading nutrition labels. (You'd be shocked at how much sugar, a no-go on keto, is hiding in foods that have no need to be artificially sweetened.) All I had to do was pull the fresh ingredients out of the fridge, follow the HelloFresh keto recipe, and dig in.

Having the affordable keto meal delivery boxes arrive at my doorstep each week also meant I knew what I would be eating for dinner that night—something that's key to sticking to the keto diet all day. The plan revolves around meal planning and counting your macronutrients, and if you go over your percentages in any category (people generally eat 70 percent fat, 20 to 25 percent protein, and 5 to 10 percent carbs while on keto), you could kick yourself out of ketosis. If that happens, then you go right back to burning carbs for fuel instead of fat, which is the whole point of keto. Knowing in advance what affordable keto meal delivery dish would be on the table that night made it easier to adjust the rest of my day so I felt confident that I wouldn't mess up my macro counting.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of the keto diet—aside from the weight-loss results many people see—is the creativity reboot it can give your meals. A lot of healthy foods are banned because of their high carb count, so following the keto diet forced me to experiment with other ingredients, like cauliflower rice and tuna. Since I'm a creature of habit during the day, dinner was the time to play, and the HelloFresh keto recipes really pushed my husband and me out of our comfort zones. One of our favorite discoveries since signing up for the affordable keto meal delivery service? Shirataki noodles, a zero-carb Japanese noodle made from yam husks. They work perfectly as a pasta alternative. We enjoyed them in this Pasta with Italian Sausage recipe, but since the noodles easily take on the flavor of the ingredients they're paired with, you could sub them into any favorite pasta or noodle dish.

Plus, the creativity behind the HelloFresh keto meal delivery recipes meant I didn't miss takeout or dining out. Navigating restaurant menus can be tough when you're on such a restrictive diet—you can't be shy about asking the chef exactly how a meal is prepared—and that just wasn't worth it while on this very specific eating plan. The big bonus (and a surprising one) was the affordability. Each HelloFresh keto meal delivery dish is priced at about $30 per couple, and given that we live in New York City, it's easy to spend a hell of a lot more than that during a typical date night.

All in all, the biggest takeaway I got from trying the keto diet for a month (other than losing 11 pounds and 3 percent body fat) is this: Life is hard enough, so if you decide to go on a "diet" or drastically change your eating patterns, don't make it harder on yourself. That's a surefire way to fall off the wagon or give up. If you're hell-bent on trying keto but meticulous meal planning isn't your thing, that doesn't mean it isn't going to work for you—just that you need a little help. If that comes in the form of affordable keto meal delivery kits, so be it.

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