Failure doesn't mean you're a bad person. It just means you're a hungry person

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: April 24, 2016

1. Sunday evening: I'm going at this week with a vengeance.

Meals are prepped, snacks are packed, veggies chopped, and your healthy eating plan is a GO.

2. Monday morning: off to a good start.

Wholesome breakfast? Check. Healthy brown-bag lunch? Check.

3. Monday night: I'm KILLING this.

Dinner's prepped and ready. It's really effing hard to resist those cookies my roommate just made, but I'm on such a good streak. Day one = owned.

4. Tuesday morning: Alright, back at it. Same boring breakfast, same boring lunch.

Secret desk snack stash is starting to look realllllly good. Not to mention the bagels that someone left up for grabs in the office kitchen.

5. Tuesday night: struggling, but still going strong*.

*Scrolling through endless Instagrams of motivational quotes to try to not devour the entire jar of peanut butter.

6. Wednesday afternoon: Someone at the office is having a birthday and you can't not eat birthday cake. That would just be rude.

*Instant regret* for breaking your healthy-eating streak.

7. Wednesday night: Well, since you already had cake, this day is basically ruined, so nothing counts, right?

No one needs to know. Hump days are hard.

8. Thursday afternoon: Back on track this morning with a healthy breakfast, but then someone mentioned ordering pizza for lunch.

Not gonna not.

9. Thursday night: Impromptu happy hour! It's so close to Friday...

Which means you're allowed to have a drink (or two or three), and some drunk snacks when you get home.

10. Friday: Cheers to the freakin' weekend! Treats today are mandatory, and earned.

Restricting happiness (via food and drink) is just plain wrong. #YOLO

11. Saturday morning: There's no turning down that random friend's celebratory engagement brunch.


12. Saturday night: You've fallen into a hole of delicious and bad-for-you food and it's just too deep to climb out.

I'll be good tomorrow, promise.

13. Sunday morning: OK, this week is the week I'll keep it all together.

Preps all the meals. Promises self to last longer than two days this week.

14. Obv, the same thing happens. LOLOLOLOL. You tried.


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