Tracy Anderson Shares Her 23-Year Weight-Loss Transformation

The trainer just shared before-and-after photos on Instagram to prove how well her own method worked for her.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images.

Tracy Anderson has plenty of walking billboards. She's worked with Shakira, J.Lo, Posh, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more fit celebs. But Anderson herself is also a product of her own method, which she pointed out in a recent transformation Instagram post. Anderson shared her own before and after, showcasing how her body has transformed between the ages of 20 and 43.

"One of the reasons I have focused so deeply on the strategy of my method is because of the way that hard work has paid off for me personally," she wrote in her caption. "I am overjoyed by how brave and open you #tamily leaders are."

After gaining 40 pounds, Anderson dropped her hopes of becoming a professional dancer. She developed her program to try to become leaner, according to her site. Fast-forward to now, she has an A-list clientele, studios around the world, and an activewear collection. Anderson's style of working out is all about hitting the small muscles you don't normally work, and calls for avoiding any weights over 3 pounds (which understandably hasn't gone over well with everyone).

In her before-and-after post, the famous trainer called for her army of Tracy Anderson Method followers-the #TAMily-to share their own transformations from using her online program. (After all, Before-and-After Photos Are the #1 Thing That Inspires People to Lose Weight)

"Sharing your personal journeys helps people every day," she wrote. "As we jump start this month please post what your before and after means to you."

Before and after can mean so much more than dropped pounds: newfound body acceptance, muscle gain, or a more balanced approach to working out and dieting. In Anderson's case, it meant a journey to create a fitness empire.

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