April 22, 2009

Our new Weight Loss Diary writer agreed to let us follow her along over the next year as she works toward her goal of losing 80 pounds.

"Growing up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, I was the youngest child in a family of slim and active people. I was never super-skinny, but I ran track in high school, so my weight was always in a healthy range. During my early adult years, the scale hovered around 150-perfectly fine for my 5'8" height. Whenever I did put on a few pounds, I always managed to lose them pretty easily.

But now, in my 30s, I rarely exercise, eat whatever's convenient, and work long, stress-filled hours as a TV writer in Los Angeles-all of which help explain why my scale now reads 235 pounds. This year, when I saw how much I weighed, I decided that enough is enough-no more excuses. I'm going to direct the same drive and motivation that I've had with my career toward improving my health and well-being. Wish me luck!"