January, 13, 2009

After 42 minutes on the treadmill this morning, with my legs aching and lungs burning, I had a hard time remembering exactly why I'd undertaken this whole getting-in-shape madness. Sure, there were the obvious biggies, like avoiding diabetes and not having to turn sideways to fit through my front door, but I needed some extra inspiration to get me through the last 18 minutes of my hour-long workout. So I made a list of some not-so-obvious reasons why every grueling step I took would ultimately be worth it.

1. If I ever run into any of the mean girls from my high school, I won't be embarrassed.

2. I'll have the energy to go out dancing all night…

3. … and wear a really hot dress while I do it.

4. If I ever meet Christian Bale, I'll have a shot (well, a better shot…)

Coming up with this list motivated me to keep working toward my goal-and made the end of my workout fly by!