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SHAPE Best Blogger Awards: 20 Inspiring Weight-Loss Blogs

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Jill of The Sassy Pear

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Jill started The Sassy Pear as a way to chronicle her weight-loss journey, but it soon turned into an outlet in which she could talk about working out, losing weight, knitting, her family and anything else that might otherwise be interesting.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Lorrie of The Token Fat Girl

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Lorrie Fenn started The Token Fat Girl after she moved to New York, a city known for "thin and fashionable women." Lorrie tried Weight Watchers, South Beach, and every other diet plan out there before deciding to cut out sugar, train for more 5Ks and focus on trying to take care of herself on the inside and outside.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Cammy of the Tippy Toe Diet

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The Tippy Toe Diet was born out of a desire by Cammy to start making healthier eating and exercise choices. Her tagline, "Changing to a healthier lifestyle, one eensy, teensy step at a time," reflects her philosophy that little changes can add up in a big way!

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Rebecca of Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

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Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? was started by two sisters, Rebecca and Robin Regnier, who were trying to lose weight and have some fun. Now run solely by Rebecca, DTBMULF? is still funny, still health-focused, and still very relevant.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Allison of Green Dog Wine

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Allison of Green Dog Wine says her love of food and wine "took the freshman 15 to college 50." So she started her blog as an attempt to chronicle her efforts to live healthily and lose weight.

Best Weight-Loss Blog: Jen of Prior Fat Girl

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A Prior Fat Girl started in 2008 as a way for Jen Emmert to chronicle her 100 pound weight loss, but it's since evolved into a small community of "prior fat girls" (and one "prior fat guy") who blog about their weight-loss journeys and try to provide inspiration for the rest of us.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Diana of the Scale Junkie

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Diana calls herself a "reformed scale junkie," so what better name for a blog than The Scale Junkie? Diana takes a holistic approach to weight loss and believes that the scale is just one way to measure progress on the path to a healthy life.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Christy and Melissa of The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

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The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans has one goal: to get you back in your skinny jeans in a safe and healthful manner. More than anything, The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans offers community support and guidance, as well as funny stories and poems about honey.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Roni of Roni's Weigh

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Roni at Roni's Weigh became hooked on blogging after she became pregnant with her son, and continues today to chronicle her weight-loss journey. As she says, "the 'after' story still continues."

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Marshy of Do You Have An Extra Large in This?

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Do You Have an Extra-Large in That? is a funny, heartwarming blog written by Marshy, in which she is trying to "learn to love herself, warts and all."

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Mary of A Merry Life

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Mary, of A Merry Life uses her blog as a way to chronicle her journey for a healthier, happier life.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Keeping Up with Katie

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Katie walked into a Weight Watchers meeting one day in 2009 and realized that she was a college junior who had put on 30 pounds since high school. So, she vowed to dedicate herself to being healthy, not skinny, and started working toward a weight-loss goal. She now writes about that at Keeping Up With Katie.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Margo of Brooklyn Fit Chick

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The Brooklyn Fit Chick's one goal? To get everybody in shape! This self-proclaimed "smart-ass and optimist" features workout playlists, regular product giveaways and magazine recaps from the latest in healthy news and trends from all of the biggest women's magazines.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Monica of Run, Eat, Repeat

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Monica describes herself as a "red-headed Mexican girl from Southern California," who's focused on "health and happiness." At Run, Eat, Repeat Monica emphasizes exercise and intuitive eating to lose weight and keep it off.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Shauna of The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl

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Shauna, an Australian-born, Scotland-transplanted writer, is on a mission to live healthfully, gluten-free, and happily. She decided the title, "The Amazing Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Girl" would sound stupid, so she stuck with "The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl."

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Foodie McBody of Food Food Body Body

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Fodie McBody of Food Food Body Body has been "struggling with food, body, love, hate, disgust and ecstasy for as long as I [sic] can remember." In 2009, after being diagnosed with diabetes, she decided it was time to make a change, and decided to keep a blog to chronicle her weight-loss journey.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Karen of Before and After: A Real-Life Story

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Karen Anderson blogs about her weight-loss at Before and After: A Real-Life Success Story where she notes that the results "are not typical." Anderson believes that the "after" part never ends.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Diane of Fit to the Finish

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Diane of Fit to the Finish once weighed more than 300 pounds. Now she blogs about health, fitness and weight-loss and hopes to inspire others to take charge of their weight and realize that they too can be fit to the finish.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Beth of Beth's Journey

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Beth at Beth's Journey may have hit her goal weight a few weeks ago, but she's still blogging about her weight-loss journey, and we love following her fun, fresh take on life, food and getting in shape.

Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Erika of A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss

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Erika at A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss describes herself as a young woman who has fought problems with weight loss for years, piling on weight at a rate of 20 pounds per year until she decided to slow down, assess what was happening and why it was happening so fast. A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss serves as a community where women can support one another and the ways they live healthfully and happily.


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