May 07, 2009

April 30, 2009

While I love all of the healthy food choices available at my grocery store, I hate the fact that many aren't individually packaged. Since I'm usually cooking for just me, I have a tough time making it through an entire bag of lettuce before it turns brown or a loaf of bread without it going stale. So I've come up with some savvy waste-management strategies.

1. Order meat from the butcher's counter. You can ask for a single burger's worth of ground turkey or an individual chicken breast instead of grabbing a pre-wrapped package that can feed a family of four.

2. Buy single servings of veggies from the salad bar. If I'm making a dish that requires a tablespoon of chopped onions, I spoon just what I need into a container rather than buy a whole one and toss three quarters of it.

3. Find multiple recipes that use a single ingredient. If I have a bag of spinach, for example, I might use it in a salad for lunch, quesadillas for dinner, and a veggie omelet for breakfast the next day.