February 24, 2009

I've heard that if you're craving a certain food, you should wait 10 minutes and the urge to eat those chips or cookies will pass. This sounded great, but when I tried the theory out, I just spent the entire time staring at the fridge. The BLT sandwich I desired became an obsession-and I still wanted it at the end of the 10 minutes. So I tried a new strategy: Fill the time with activities that take my mind off of the temptation. Here are the ones that I've found work the best:Make a cup of tea I pick a sweet flavor, like Mandarin Orange Spice or Vanilla Peach, so that I feel like I'm fixing myself a little treat.Walk the dog This gets me out of the house, and burns some calories while I'm at it. I just have to make sure not to pass by the bakery near my house.Take a shower It can be as comforting as a dish of ice cream. (Plus, it's impossible to eat when water is pouring down on you.)