January 15, 2009

Every morning when I get my coffee at Starbucks, there's a certain gorgeous, size-zero movie star sitting at the next table over, sipping her nonfat latte and complaining about how she's cold. I've seen her every day for years, and she hasn't so much as blinked in my direction. I've never thought twice about this. It's easy to feel invisible in Los Angeles if you aren't a celebrity-especially when you're 80 pounds overweight. But yesterday I ran into her while I was hiking in the canyon behind my house, and she said hi. She obviously recognized me from the café. That's when I realized that all those mornings when the actress never said anything to me, I'd never said anything to her either. I thought I'd been getting snubbed because I was heavy, but that wasn't the case at all! Even though I've only lost a small portion of the weight I want to, observations like this have helped to bolster my self worth-and have made me smile at a few more coffee-shop regulars.