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5 Weight-Loss Tips That Worked for SHAPE Reader Fallon Franklin

What Worked For Me: Fallon Franklin

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When this performer began feeling self-conscious on stage, she knew it was time to get her Texas-size appetite in check. This new mom shares her 5 top weight-loss secrets that helped her lose a whopping 72 pounds!

Skip the Sitter

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“When my son was a newborn, I would hold him against my chest as I did crunches on a stability ball. It not only added resistance to my abs workout, it also kept him from fussing!”

Sweeten the Deal

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“To cut back on sugar and calories, I stir Splenda into my coffee and iced tea—and sprinkle it over fresh cherries topped with granola and sliced almonds. It tastes just like cherry cobbler!”

Trick Your Taste Buds

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“I’ve always been a popcorn addict, but now I slim it down by spritzing the reduced-fat microwave version with low-cal, butter-flavored spray.”

Do It Yourself

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“I make a personal pizza for under 500 calories by topping whole-wheat pita bread with tomato sauce, shredded part-skim mozzarella, and sliced lean meatballs.”

Double Your Burnings

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“My husband and I go for long walks around the neighborhood a few nights a week. It gives me a chance to work off extra calories while we catch up.”


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