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6 Steps to Transform Your Body

Plan Accordingly

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“I work long hours but always find time to hit the gym at least six days a week. Write the time of your workout session on your calendar the day before.”

Watch and Learn

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“Steal tricks and moves from trainers at your gym. If you don’t think you’re doing an exercise correctly, ask for help.”

Give in to Temptation

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“When I’m not competing, I allow myself one ‘cheat day’ a week. I usually indulge by eating pancakes or French toast with peanut butter.”

Up the Ante

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“Varying your treadmill workouts will keep you from hitting a plateau. Mix things up by adjusting the incline. I like to start with a 3 percent hill and work toward a 15 percent climb.”

Keep Your Mouth Moving

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“I chew a stick of extra Dessert Delights gum whenever I’m craving something sweet. At any given time, I have seven or eight different flavors of sugar-free gum in my car and purse.”

Pamper Yourself

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“I treat myself to a deep-tissue massage every other week. It relieves stress and helps take the knots out of my muscles, so I can continue to train hard.”


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