"This is for every single person who told themselves they can't."

By Faith Brar

Weight loss is so much more than the "before" and "after" pictures. And no one knows that better than Jana Roller who just hit her 135-pound weight loss mark after years of struggling with her weight and mental health issues.

As she shares in a new profile for People, the 29-year-old mom from British Columbia spent her career photographing fitness athletes and grew up watching her father compete in bodybuilding competitions. But a lifelong battle with anxiety and depression made it difficult for her to lose weight herself. (Did You Know There Are 4 Different Types Of Depression?)

"When you're depressed, you tell yourself, 'No I can't' and 'You're not good enough'," she tells People. "It got to the point where I knew that I needed to go after something that I wanted to do for a very long time...I told myself that I wasn't worth it and that I couldn't do it for so many years."

Roller shares that her 'aha' moment came when she had a traumatizing incident with her son. "He ran away from me and almost got hit by a car because I couldn't catch him," she said. In that moment she realized something had to change.

It took a year for Roller to lose a significant amount of weight, People reports. And once she started to gain back her confidence, she set a goal to compete in a bodybuilding competition the following year.

Roller spent that time hitting the gym twice a day-for cardio sessions in the morning before her kids woke up and strength training sessions at night after her kids went to sleep, and also focused on meal-prepping and tracking her macros.

Her efforts finally came to the test after she stepped on the stage for her first bodybuilding competition earlier this month. "I was excited [to compete] because I had seen my body change, and I was seeing muscle definition," says Roller, who now weighs 172 pounds (from 307 pounds!). "I had worked two years to get to this point, and I'm incredibly proud of myself."

"This is for every single person who told themselves they can't," Roller said after sharing a picture of her progress to Instagram. "Who heard the words I'm not good enough. Who looked in the mirror and said I'm not worth it. Hear me when I say YES YOU ARE!"

"You have more people in your corner than you think you do," she continued. "You are not alone. You can be who you want and do anything you want to do. Be limitless. Be brave. Be daring. Be fierce AF. You got this." Preach.

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