How she bounced back and regained her bombshell shape.


This former Playboy beauty and Girls Next Door reality TV star spent months avoiding the gym-and the scale. Here's how she bounced back and regained her bombshell shape.

Holly's Challenge

After landing the leading role in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in 2009, Holly Madison felt confident that a five-nights-a-week burlesque performance would help her stay trim and toned. "I thought I could eat what I wanted and just burn it off during the show," she says. But thanks to constant sugar cravings and a book deal that required her to taste-test the city's most sinful restaurant meals, Holly packed on 19 pounds in 18 months.

My Turning Point

When Peepshow producers expressed concern that Holly had plumped up since starting the show, she felt hurt. But after a series of unflattering paparazzi photos surfaced, Holly realized she had to make some changes. "I didn't want to wear a bikini, and I began relying on a few tricky poses to look thinner in photos," she says.

My Slim-Down Plan

Eager to shed pounds quickly, Holly turned to NV, a hot new weight-loss supplement (Learn more at "NV helped me drop one jeans size in two weeks and increased my energy," she says. To torch calories and increase her agility as a dancer, Holly did Pilates and yoga. She also adopted a low-carb diet, replacing bagels with protein bars and fruit, and fast food with grilled chicken and avocado.

My Life Now

With her career in full swing and her body back to its Playboy proportions, Holly says she feels comfortable in her skin once again. "These days, I'm slim and fit, and I still have the fabulous curves I've always loved!"

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