Her weight loss hasn't changed her self-love and confidence—here's why.

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Mallory King is a pillar of body positivity. Her Instagram account is comprised of snapshots of her motivational tweets ("The scale is not the problem, you giving it so much power over your happiness is" she recently posted) and #nofilter pictures to document and celebrate body acceptance. Whether it's about physical or mental health, King is all about transparency with her followers.

So naturally, the fitness and nutrition coach recently took to Instagram to share a personal photo of herself along with a message reminding us that "you can learn to love yourself at any size." In the photo, King is pictured sitting on her bed completely bare, smiling away from the camera. She looks happy, comfortable, and real. (Related: Changing the Reason Why You Exercise Could Be the Key to Reaching Your Weight-Loss Goals)

King explained that she "weighed around 20 lbs more" in the photo than she does currently. She asked, "Now that I've lost 20 lbs, do I love myself more? No. Do I feel more confident? No. Do I feel better? Well, yes." (Related: 10 Body-Positivity Moments of 2018 That Were Major Wins for All Women)

King said that while her weight loss makes it easier to exercise and run around with her son, Marshall, "my size doesn't dictate my relationship with myself. I loved myself then just as much as I do now."

After struggling with her weight since the fourth grade and shedding 100 pounds over two years, King has had some experience nurturing the relationship between her mind and body. "You can get to a place where your worth is based on who you are, not what you look like. You're allowed to want to lose weight. You're allowed to not want to lose weight… you're allowed to love yourself through it all," she wrote. That's a message everyone can embrace no matter where they are on their health and wellness journey. (Related: The Best Transformations from 2018 Prove That Weight Loss Isn't Everything)

This story was originally published on Health.com by Hannah Harper.

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