Find out what helped these readers slim down and regain their confidence.

When real women Jennifer Hynes and Nicole Laroche tried everything they could to lose weight without seeing results, they turned to NV, a new weight-loss supplement, to help them get their health and lives back. Read on for their inspiring stories.


Jennifer Hynes

"My most fulfilling achievement to date is becoming a mother, but when I became a mother I put myself on hold. I gained quite a bit of weight while pregnant-close to 50 pounds. When I did lose some of that weight, it wasn't a healthy loss. Starting this NV journey has not only helped me get the body I had before my daughter, but it's helped me get the body I haven't had since I was a teenager. People that have known me have actually told me I look even better and healthier then I did 10 years ago! NV gave me the energy I needed to become a me that I haven't felt in years inside and out and without any of the horrible side effects I've felt with other weight-loss products. Being a mother is still my number one priority, but now I'm a very close second. I love my new body and thank NV for helping me get my body back!"


Nicole Laroche

"I started using NV recently. At that point in my life, I was feeling really down and insecure about myself. I was in such a slump and didn't know how to get out of it because I had gained so much weigh over the course of a few years. I couldn't even fit into my clothes anymore and did not wear shorts for more than three years. I felt lost and alone.

A friend of mine told me about NV, and I was willing to give anything a shot because nothing worked for me. Immediately after using NV, I noticed all of my stubborn body fat start to come off. I started feeling so much better about myself! I lost 20 pounds using NV and feel fantastic! I never believed that anything could get me to feel positive about how I look again but now I fit into my old clothes and love the way I look. The wonderful compliments haven't stopped since I lost so much weight. NV is amazing and I truly recommend it to any woman looking to lose weight!"