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How SHAPE Reader Brittany Shope Lost the Weight for Good

What Worked For Me: Brittany Shope

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Falling in love helped this reader see herself in a new light—and break the bad habits that had been holding her back. Find out the top 5 weight-loss tips that helped this SHAPE reader lose 65 pounds!

Surf Your Way Svelte

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“I don’t own many cookbooks, but I do read a lot of healthy-eating blogs, like They’re full of easy, free ideas.”

Go Your Separate Ways

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“My boyfriend and I keep our snacks in different cabinets. I’m not tempted by his junk food—and he doesn’t get into my Fiber One bars!”

Chart New Territory

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“If I jog outside instead of on the treadmill, I’ll plot my course on when I get home. It tells me how many miles I covered and lets me share my favorite routes on Facebook.”

Switch Things Up

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“I’ve replaced my old standbys, like breaded chicken and French fries, with healthier versions, such as Boca Original Chik’N patties and baked potatoes.”

Hide and Seek

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“I fit in extra veggies by adding chopped greens to ground turkey. I swear you’d never guess I make my meat loaf with 5 cups of spinach!”


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