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How SHAPE Reader Kristen Foley Lost 104 Pounds

What Worked for Me: Kristen Foley

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Growing up in a world that revolved around food, and portion control was nonexistent, Kriten Foley tried Weight Watchers and daily walks to shed the pounds. It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom, and made these changes that she found lasting weight loss success.

Snacking Wisely

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“High-protein foods keep me satisfied for hours. I’ll nibble on mini Babybel cheese or apple slices spread with peanut butter.”

Putting it in writing

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“I kept a food diary for six years while I was on Weight Watchers. Making a list helps you account for everything you’re eating during the day.”

Planning Ahead

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“Social events wreak havoc on the waistline. I eat a salad (with dressing on the side) before leaving the house. This prevents me from overindulging when I’m out.”

Sharing Your Successes

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“Positive reinforcement is key to reaching your goals. Throughout my journey, I posted ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures on Facebook— and I got so many supportive comments from friends!”


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