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How SHAPE Reader Sara Morrisroe Lost 78 Pounds

Starting Slow

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Marathon training requires patience, especially if you’re a newbie. Begin gradually to avoid burnout and stay injury-free.”

Group Dynamics

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“Fitness classes can be intimidating—even more so when you feel self-conscious about your looks. Go in with an open mind and you’ll meet people who are on the same journey.”

Tech Specs

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“I download Jeff Galloway’s training schedules online and look up calorie counts to keep my diet on track.”

Good Gear

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“Workout clothes were never a priority. But now I can’t exercise or run a race if I’m not wearing my favorite shoes, top, and shorts.”

H2O to Go

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“My CamelBak bottle is always at my side. It helps me drink a lot of water quickly. I aim for 72 ounces a day to stay hydrated and healthy.”

Portion Control

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“I pack unsalted nuts and pretzels with string cheese in snack-size plastic bags and munch on them at work.”


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