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How SHAPE Reader Tamera Catto Lost 137 Pounds

What worked for me: Tamera Catto

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After more than a decade of letting the pounds pile on—120 to be exact—Tamera received a wake-up call to take charge of her body. “I wasted so much time saying I’d start eating better tomorrow, and then I’d end up not doing it. Now I focus on the present and don’t quit so easily.”

Snacking More

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“When the number on the scale stopped budging, I tried something new: noshing on nuts, fruit, or lowfat yogurt an hour before working out. The extra calories gave me the energy to push myself harder, which eventually helped me break through the plateau.”

Getting My Zzz's

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“If I’m tired, I can easily talk myself out of going for a jog or preparing a healthy meal. Sleep improves my willpower.”

Skipping Seconds

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“Growing up, my family showed love by encouraging one another to eat more.
I had to learn that declining extra helpings at holiday gatherings didn’t mean I was hurting their feelings.”

Hitting the Books

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“I’ve found ways to reward myself that don’t involve chocolate. My new post-treadmill treat is relaxing with a novel.”


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