How one reader went from flab to fab—for good!

By Alanna Nuñez
July 10, 2010

In 2009, New York resident Sheryl Yvette signed up for her first 5-Boro Bike Tour from Bike New York, hoping to change her life. Just three years earlier, the 5'2 Yvette had weighed in at a little over 200 pounds. She knew she had to make a change, so she signed up for Weight Watchers and began exercising. Although she had lost weight, completing the 42-mile bike tour in 2009 was a challenge she knew she had to meet.

"I was terrified, but it changed my life," she says. "When I was done, I thought if I could do this, then I could do anything."

Now in 2012, Sheryl comes in at a trim 138 pounds and is an exercise fiend.

"I like having a routine, but I have to mix it up," Sheryl says. Besides biking, which she does almost every day, she runs, walks more than 100 flights of stairs weekly, takes Pilates classes, and attends conditioning classes. She also completed the 5-Boro Bike Tour again this May alongside the Tour Team and is training for the New York marathon that takes place in November.

"I also follow a completely vegan diet," she says. "People ask me all the time, 'What do you eat?' but I eat a lot of whole foods-you know, fruit, oatmeal, vegetables. And I love dark chocolate and beer."

Sheryl, who calls herself a "neurotic glamour girl" (check out her website here) blogs on her site and for Weight Watchers about her weight-loss journey-and she's got a huge following!

"I write about really personal stuff on my website," she says. "It's not always perfect though. Most of the feedback is really positive, but I can only control my behavior and not engage with the haters. I know what I do has positivtely inspired so many people."