Tara Jayd, a dance teacher from Australia, reflects on how much she's changed over the years, both mentally and physically.

By Allie Strickler
Side by side photo of Australian dance teacher Tara Jayd showing her 12-year weight loss transformation
Credit: Instagram/@dancingwithdumbbells

It's totally normal to want quick results on a weight-loss journey. But as the 12-year transformation of Tara Jayd, a dance teacher from Australia, shows, crushing your goals takes patience.

Jayd recently shared a side-by-side Instagram photo of her at 21 years old and 33 years old. The difference speaks for itself. But Jayd's transformation was more than physical. (Related: 10 Things I Learned During My Body Transformation)

"I've come so far over the years not only physically, but mentally," she wrote in the post's caption. "It has been an adventure of highs and lows in transforming from girl on the left to girl on the right!"

Jayd endured years of knee issues, surgeries, and even a PCOS diagnosis. But those obstacles never dulled her dedication. They "built me into the person I am today," she shared.

"Motivation comes and goes in varying levels," she wrote. "I look back at old pics like this one on the left and I'm nothing but proud of what I've achieved."

The dance teacher accomplished much more than just weight loss. She completed an 11k, became a team captain at her local gym, and she's now an ambassador for Leah Itsines' BARE Guide. (Related: Kayla Itsines' Sister Leah Opens Up About People Comparing Their Bodies)

It took Jayd over a decade to get to this point. But "it doesn't matter how long it takes," she wrote on Instagram. "It might take you 10 years or 10 months... who cares...? It is not a race, it's never a race. Nor is it a competition! My journey and my goals are unique, just as your journey and your goals are unique to you."

Jayd encourages her followers to never compare themselves to others. "Do what's best for you, find what works for you," she wrote.

When motivation feels out of reach, remind yourself how far you've come, she said. "I've come to know that I'm so much healthier, stronger and happier than I was back then. This fuels me to keep pushing, keep working and keep smashing those goals. Onwards and upwards." (Related: 15 Transformations That'll Inspire You to Start Lifting Weights)

Shoutout to Tara for crushing goal after goal, and showing the rest of the world exactly how it's done.