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Top 12 Healthy Weight Loss Tips From Real Women

Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Set Small, Incremental Goals

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Create mini milestones you can achieve and celebrate along the way by breaking your healthy weight loss goal into 10-pound blocks.
—Sherrill S. Lewis; pounds lost: 102

Don't Let Yourself Feel Deprived

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For continued weight loss success, treat yourself to a small portion of something sweet each day so you won't crave it and binge later.
—Kristen Taylor; pounds lost: 70

Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Downsize Dinner Portions

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Go plate shopping! Downsize your dinner by eating off a smaller dish.
—Jessica Haber; pounds lost: 40

Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Seek Online Support

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Get the motivation you need to keep going on the Internet. You can find 24/7 support with an online healthy weight loss group.
—Kathy Rohr-Ninmer; pounds lost: 60

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Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Give Yourself Incentives

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Create rules and rewards for weight loss success. Pay yourself a dollar for each pound lost, then use the money to treat yourself to a new sweater or spa treatment.
—Margaret McHalsky; pounds lost: 45

Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Find a Community of Like-Minded People

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Join a weight loss support group. If you're struggling with emotional eating, seek a program that offers stress-management techniques like meditating or journaling.

—Lorna Bennett; pounds lost: 93

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Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Go With a Pro (And Some Friends)

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Look for an affordable personal trainer. Hire one with a group of friends and split the cost—you'll save money and learn how to burn more calories from a pro.
—Anna Young; pounds lost: 45
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Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Count Calories

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Know the calorie counts of your favorite meals, snacks and drinks. Resolve to make your daily calorie intake a healthy 1,500.
—Janet Jacobson; pounds lost: 277
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Healthy Weight Loss Tip: No Dinner-Prep Noshing

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If you taste food while making dinner, you can take in a huge amount of calories without realizing it; wait until you sit down to eat.
—Marlene Conner; pounds lost: 77

Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Go Global

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Find a lowfat meal you enjoy in every type of cuisine—Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Italian—so you can still have fun eating out with friends.
—Alisa Khaitan; pounds lost: 38
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Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Change With The Seasons.

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Snowshoe in the winter, swim in the summer and bike in the spring. Different workouts will keep you challenged.
—Gretchen Meier; pounds lost: 115

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Healthy Weight Loss Tip: Show Your Competitive Streak

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Sign up for a charity run/walk event or bike race. The competition will help you work harder and you'll make fitness-minded friends with their own secrets for weight loss success.
—Stacey Stimac; pounds lost: 27
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