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Weight Loss Tips from the Ladies of Georgetown Cupcake

Katherine Berman and Sophie LaMontagne

Right about now, you're probably craving a cupcake. Just reading the name Georgetown Cupcakes practically has us salivating for one of those melt-in-your-mouth, adorably decorated sweets, perfectly topped off with a swirl of icing. Which makes us wonder: How exactly do owner-sisters Katherine Berman and Sophie LaMontagne—also the stars of TLC's DC Cupcakes—stay so slim? Turns out, it takes some work. Over the past year, after struggling with pregnancy weight gain (and sympathy weight gain), the two woman shed a combined 100 pounds. And they didn't even have to give up their famous cupcakes! We got the scoop straight from Berman and LaMontagne on how they lost the weight—and kept it off.

How It Happened
Berman: Ever since we were young, we’ve been extremely active and played a lot of sports—our weight was never a concern for us. Even when starting Georgetown Cupcake and being surrounded by fresh-baked cupcakes every day, we never struggled with our weight. However, when I got pregnant, things changed dramatically. During my pregnancy, I ate—a lot. Before I knew it, I had gained 60 pounds. My husband got a big kick out of the fact that I weighed more than he did. Like many other pregnant women, I did not feel like I was in my own body, and I found myself feeling emotionally overwhelmed by my weight gain. (How Much Pregnancy Weight Should You Really Gain?)

LaMontagne: Katherine and I spend all day, every day, together, and that definitely did not change during her pregnancy. Suffice it to say, being around a pregnant sister all day did not help my personal eating habits. Katherine was eating for two, but the problem was that I was eating as much as Katherine. After Katherine gave birth and started lamenting about her weight gain, I got on the scale for the first time in a long time and saw that I had gained 40 pounds. It was obvious how it happened, but I didn’t want to believe it. I suddenly found myself wondering how to get back to the “old me.”

How We Did It
Berman: After I gave birth, Sophie and I decided to become focused on getting our weight back on track—and we decided to do it together. However, “diet” was not a word that was in our vocabulary. Working in the food world, we love to eat, we love cupcakes and all things sweet, and we knew that we didn’t want to be miserable and give up all the things we love and replace them with diet foods and shakes. What’s the point of life if you can’t enjoy it? We wanted to lose the weight in a realistic way that was going to work for us.

LaMontagne: We decided that if we didn’t want to give up our favorite foods, we would find a way to burn the calories. And most importantly, we needed to burn the calories in a way that we knew that was doable for us, so we wouldn't give up after a couple of weeks. So, how did we do it? One simple thing: walking. We walked 6 miles a day. Five days a week. That’s it.

Berman: Some people might think, “Six miles? I can’t possibly do that!” and other people might think “Walking? That’s it?” The truth is, walking six miles a day is extremely doable—and yes, that’s it. We ate balanced diets of all of our favorite foods and desserts (including cupcakes) and we walked six miles a day—within nine months, I lost 60 pounds and Sophie lost 40 pounds! (And if you can master the 6-mile walk, then you can definitely accomplish these 10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Even Trying.)

Why It Worked
Berman: One of the main reasons that Sophie and I were able to do this was the fact that we did it together. Having a buddy who can be your support system through this journey makes a huge difference. When people who can be unhealthy influences surround you, it can make sticking to your routine so much more difficult. When you surround yourself with people who are in it with you, you can support and encourage each other and keep each other accountable. Try to find a friend or family member and do it together. (Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll also score major health perks! Here, 12 Ways Your Best Friend Boosts Your Health.)

LaMontagne: Try to approach it as a permanent lifestyle change—not a “crash diet” with a particular target date or special event in mind. Being active by walking six miles a day and eating sensibly is not a “crash diet”—it’s a conscious choice to lead a healthy lifestyle. And it doesn’t mean giving up all of your favorite foods. You can have your cupcake and eat it too!

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