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Weight-Loss Tips That Worked for SHAPE Reader Caroline Hannigan

What Worked For Me: Caroline Hannigan

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A breakup forced this reader to re-examine her bad habits—and develop new ones to help mend her heart and whittle her middle. Read her top five weight-loss tips that helped her lose 44 pounds!

Make a Split Decision

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“Workouts go by faster when I break them into six 5-minute intervals: 2 minutes at 4 mph on the treadmill, 1 minute at 8, and 2 minutes at 4.5.”

Save it for a Special Occasion

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“I still love to eat out, but now I do it just once a week. They’re called ‘splurge meals’ for a reason!”

Take Tapas to Work

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“Lunch doesn’t have to be soup or a salad. One of my favorite midday meals is lowfat cottage cheese, baby carrots, and an apple with almond butter.”

Put it in Writing

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“I make a to-do list— including sets, reps, and weights—before going to the gym, and I stay there until I’ve checked everything off. It keeps me focused and helps me track my progress.”

Find Your Happy Medium

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“When I tried to cut out sweets and fried food completely, I ended up bingeing on them. Now I limit myself to a single serving.”


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