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Where are They Now? Total Health Makeovers, 6 Months Later

Want to take control of your health once and for all? It's possible—and all you need is seven days. To prove it, we brought Donna Hunt, Shanna Stevenson, and Jill and Tara Marino—the winners of SHAPE's reader makeover contest—to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. These two mother-daughter pairs took home an array of expert tips, all about how to work out regularly, eat better, and stay motivated. The best part? It's been six months since they left Canyon Ranch and they're still doing well! Read all about their journey in our September issue and find out where are they now with these exclusive tips and videos.



Canyon Ranch, Makeover, Where Are They NowVideo: "You Can Change in 7 Days!"
Hear from all four women on what their experience was like—and what they'll never forget about their trip to Canyon Ranch. Watch the video! >>





Canyon Ranch, Makeover, Where Are They NowWhere Are They Now?
Find out how their 7-day makeover changed their lives, and which healthy habits they were able to maintain in the real world, six months later. Read about where they are now. >>





Canyon Ranch, Makeover, Where Are They NowChange Your Health in 10 Minutes or Less
You don't need to spend hours a day at the gym to be healthy! Here are some expert tips straight from the Canyon Ranch pros that you can do in whatever time you have—even if it's only 30 seconds! Get the tips! >>





Canyon Ranch, Makeover, Where Are They NowRecipe For Success: Canyon Ranch French Toast
When you start your day in a healthy, delicious way, you set yourself up for success. Check out this amazing from the chefs at Canyon Ranch that will give high-calorie, high-fat French toast a run for its money. Read the recipe. >>





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