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This Woman Stood Up For Herself After Instagram Deleted Her Transformation Photo

Losing 115 pounds is no easy feat, which is why Morgan Bartley was proud to share her incredible progress on social media. Unfortunately, instead of celebrating her success, Instagram deleted the 19-year-old's before-and-after weight loss photo for no apparent reason.

FWIW, Instagram's community guidelines don't tolerate "close-ups of fully-nude buttocks," "content that contains credible threats or hate speech," and "serious threats of harm to public and personal safety"—but Morgan's post doesn't violate any of these rules. Take a look for yourself.

Recognizing that her post wasn't breaking any rules, Morgan reposted the original image a few days ago with an empowering caption. "I share my journey online in hopes of inspiring others to take control of their own lives," she captioned the new photo, which has already garnered more than 17,600 likes. "I think it sucks that people express negativity toward something with only positive intentions, BUT that's why we peeps full of love and light get to make a difference." (Morgan wasn't the only woman who has had this happened. This fitness trainer clapped back after the social media platform deleted a photo of her cellulite.) 


Fair warning, this might be a long one. I want to talk about bodies. My body. Some of you who've been with me since the start may remember this series of photos and the purpose behind them. Others may wonder why my profile picture has always been of me in my bra and panties. Well, that started with this photo shoot. I want to be clear when I say these photo shoots I've done were never meant to be posted online in an attempt to be sexy or provocative. And for the record, I didn't feel I could ever be those things for that matter. I do, however, understand why there is often misconception when it comes to this. The day I took these photos, I was not confident or comfortable in my skin. I did not feel as though it was even mine. What prompted this shoot was simply my desire to capture my body visually, as I had just started my weight loss journey and at the time wanted nothing more than for my body to change. I just wanted to document the process. That day, I didn't know that taking these "before" photos would be such a defining moment for me. I don't know why, but in taking these photos I can honestly say I claimed that body as my own. It carries 110 lbs less now, but it's still MY body. Releasing all that pent up hate and humiliation I had felt toward my own body was the single most freeing moment I've ever experienced. I wanted everyone to be able to feel it, I still do. Because in that moment, changing my body became a loving practice, not a punishment. I've been told these photos were inappropriate and that I should not show this much of my body, but I feel no shame. I will continue to document my amazing, changing body in these shoots and on this account. If there is one thing I could hope for you to take from my page it is this : claim your body as your own. Silence the fear and hate constantly in your ears by others and more importantly by yourself. Don't just lose weight or inches or even habits. Let go of anything and everything that has ever held you back. That to me, is what #teamlosing is about. I know it feels impossible. I also know that it absolutely IS not. Keep going. xo

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This isn't the first time the teen has posted a transformation picture of herself, and getting to a place where she's comfortable posting them at all hasn't been easy. While Morgan admitted that she's struggled with her weight her whole life, other health problems made losing the weight even harder. At just 15 years old she was diagnosed with ovarian torsion, a painful condition that caused her to lose one of her ovaries. Later, she began to exhibit symptoms of menopause which was cause for concern about her ability to have children later in life. The news put Morgan is a deep depression causing her to begin binge eating, which led Morgan's weight to reach upwards of 300 pounds. Her many Instagram posts explain how she felt like her body betrayed her, and she used food as a way to escape. (Is it really binge eating if it only happens occasionally? We found out.)

But she knew something needed to change.


So I lost the weight and let go of many of the things that had always held me back. But let me be clear, I wasn't able to do it because I'm special or anymore motivated than you can be. I've dealt with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder. My body has failed me and I have abused it in turn at times. I know what it's like to go from financially stable to nearly homeless, to have a family break and bend. Maybe you can relate to some of this, maybe not. Regardless, you are just as capable of creating a high value life as I am. My turning point was refusing to let my life go to waste. Some days are shitty, that's just how it is. But I know damn well that I'm made to do much more than what my early life foreshadowed. Don't cheat yourself by using your past or present situation as an excuse to not create a thriving future. Too many people simply walk through life. I'm choosing to give my best shot at living a life of significance. It's a choice y'all, and it's yours to make #teamlosing #GlowUp #strongsmartcapableworthy

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"I decided to take back control of my body and save my own life," she said. Knowing that diets and workouts hadn't helped in the past, Morgan opted for gastric bypass surgery, but she knew that the surgery was only a tool to help with weight loss and not her permanent or only solution. She's since lost an incredible 115 pounds. And even though Morgan still wants to lose another 30 more, she couldn't be happier about how far she's come and refuses to let any unsolicited critique bring her down. "Never let worldly pessimism or judgment prevent you from living your life and celebrating what you've done with it," she says. (P.S. This blogger's post will change the way you look at before-and-after photos forever.)

With everything she's battled through and achieved, Morgan has every right stand up for herself (and her brave posts) by proving that the only opinion that *really* matters is hers. "I think I look pretty freakin' bomb in a bathing suit on the beach," she says. "And that's after a lifetime of letting insecurities hold me back from experiencing life. Yes, I'll continue to wear a full face of makeup to the beach and yes, I'll continue to be DAMN proud of who I've worked so hard to become." Amen, girlfriend. You look incredible. 


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