March 10, 2009

Since I've started running, I'm fitter and less stressed, but I'm also a lot hungrier. Now I understand why Michael Phelps reportedly eats 12,000 calories a day: Exercise makes you ravenous! Unfortunately, while I might feel like I could easily wolf down as much food as the Olympic swimmer, my three-mile run doesn't burn anywhere near as many calories as one of his four-hour pool workouts. I needed to find a way to stop my stomach from growling without sabotaging all of my hard work. My nutritionist, Ashley Koff, R.D., told me that eating some lean protein two hours before lacing up my sneakers will keep my energy levels up and my appetite in check. So I've started making nonfat Greek yogurt a part of my pre-workout routine, and I haven't been nearly as hungry afterward. It works so well, I have to wonder: Does Michael know about this?