To lose weight, shop regularly for healthy foods, calculate your resting metabolic rate and be kind to yourself during challenging times. Here are more details about your healthy eating and exercise plan:

Weight Loss Tips # 1. Make a weekly date with your grocery store and buy healthy foods.

Good nutrition and healthy eating start in the supermarket. If you're downing muffins for breakfast because your shelves are naked, schedule time for food shopping and mark your calendar so you won't forget. If that fails, shop online at (they deliver healthy foods the next day).

Weight Loss Tips # 2. Learn how many calories you require to manage your weight.

Weight loss is not rocket science: It's burning more calories than you eat. Instead of wasting time on fad diets, discover your caloric needs for losing or maintaining:

* Multiply your healthy weight by 10 calories for your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) - the calories required for basic bodily functions (at rest). Example: You weigh 150 but 140 is a healthier weight for you. Multiply 10 calories x 140 pounds (appropriate weight) = 1,400 calories for your RMR.

* To your Resting Metabolic Rate, add half that number (assuming you are moderately active throughout the day). Example: 50% x 1,400 calories for RMR = 700 calories for daily activity.

* Add 200 calories per 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Example: 30 minutes = 200 calories. Total calorie needs 1,400 (RMR) + 700 (daily activity) + 200 = 2,300.

* Subtract 20% to determine your calorie budget for losing weight. Example: 20% x 2,300 calories = about 500; 2,300 calories - 500 = 1,800 calories - the number you'd need to lose weight. (You can increase your exercise to burn 200 more calories; then eat 300 fewer calories to cut the 500 calories.) Use this plan and you'll lose 1/2-1 pound per week.

Weight Loss Tips # 3. Don't place crazy demands on yourself.

It takes energy to organize and implement a healthy eating program. If you're currently in crisis mode (you just got fired, your husband left you for an exotic dancer, etc.) wait until life settles down to focus on managing your eating so you don't gain more weight.

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