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What Is a Calorie Deficit, and Is It Safe?

The calorie deficit is the backbone of modern weight-loss approaches — but does it really work? More importantly, is it safe?

The Expert-Backed Guide to Full-Fat vs. Nonfat Greek Yogurt

With options overflowing from store shelves, figuring out the best Greek yogurt to buy can be, well, a b*tch. This breakdown of full-fat vs. nonfat Greek yogurt can help. 

How to Ditch Diet Mood Swings Once and For All

Experts share the (totally doable!) ways to meet your goals without hopping on an emotional rollercoaster.

How Intermittent Fasting Can Impact Your Mind, According to Experts

You know how it could affect your body, but what about your mind? Here, nutrition and psychology pros share all the ways intermittent fasting might impact your mental and emotional health.

The Science Behind the Slow-Carb Diet

All the details on the slow-carb diet and whether or not you can lose weight while on the plan

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