How It Works If you can't find anyone nearby to help you with your plans, just plug in your age, weight-loss goal, gender, and zip code and you'll be matched up with members close to your home.

Other Cool Features Tools to help you set goals, calculate your ideal daily calorie intake, and plan meals.

How It Works Pick up to four friends or family members to become your "motivators" (or choose from Traineo members), and they'll receive weekly e-mail updates on your progress. If you need inspiration, you can tap them for ideas.

Other Cool Features Weekly e-mail "pep talks" from the site and a workout log that calculates calories burned.

How It Works Become a member of an existing SparkTeam or start your own to join forces with others who have similar goals.

Other Cool Features A workout and calorie tracker, preset meal plans, and access to experts.

How It Works Set up a weight-loss blog to record the daily ups and downs of your journey.

Other Cool Features Food and exercise logs, as well as a place to swap healthy recipes.

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