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4 Easy Ways to Travel "Light"

If schlepping around a food journal
and calorie-counting book isn't your
idea of a dream getaway, try these
tips from Cathy Nonas, R.D., author
of Outwit Your Weight.

  1. Pack protein
    Curb your hunger
    by keeping your blood sugar
    stable. Stash an energy bar (one with
    at least 10 grams of protein and 3
    grams of fiber) in your carry-on in
    case you're stuck on the tarmac or in
    traffic. "Choose a flavor you like but
    don't love, so you won't eat it out of
    boredom," says Nonas.
  2. Watch the clock
    Many women
    end up eating too much when
    they cross time zones, reaching for
    sugary carbs as a pick-me-up and
    adding an extra meal. Limit yourself
    to three meals and two light snacks,
    and try to get in sync with the eating
    schedule of your destination as soon
    as possible. For example, if breakfast
    is being served on the plane but it'll
    be noon when you land, you may
    want to skip the in-flight meal and
    grab lunch when you arrive.
  3. Be choosy
    Give yourself flexibility
    at the meal you really care
    about, and then make the other two
    more structured, advises Nonas. If
    you usually eat fancy restaurant dinners,
    stick to yogurt and cereal in the
    a.m. and have a big salad at lunch.
  4. Sip wisely
    It's tempting to hit
    every happy hour, but alcohol
    stimulates your appetite and lowers
    your self-control, so you're likely to
    gobble up more. Go easy on the
    afternoon umbrella drinks, and order
    your mango margarita with dinner
    instead of before it.


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