April 23, 2009

If schlepping around a food journaland calorie-counting book isn't youridea of a dream getaway, try thesetips from Cathy Nonas, R.D., authorof Outwit Your Weight.

  1. Pack protein
    Curb your hungerby keeping your blood sugarstable. Stash an energy bar (one withat least 10 grams of protein and 3grams of fiber) in your carry-on incase you're stuck on the tarmac or intraffic. "Choose a flavor you like butdon't love, so you won't eat it out ofboredom," says Nonas.

  2. Watch the clock
    Many womenend up eating too much whenthey cross time zones, reaching forsugary carbs as a pick-me-up andadding an extra meal. Limit yourselfto three meals and two light snacks,and try to get in sync with the eatingschedule of your destination as soonas possible. For example, if breakfastis being served on the plane but it'llbe noon when you land, you maywant to skip the in-flight meal andgrab lunch when you arrive.

  3. Be choosy
    Give yourself flexibilityat the meal you really careabout, and then make the other twomore structured, advises Nonas. Ifyou usually eat fancy restaurant dinners,stick to yogurt and cereal in thea.m. and have a big salad at lunch.

  4. Sip wisely
    It's tempting to hitevery happy hour, but alcoholstimulates your appetite and lowersyour self-control, so you're likely togobble up more. Go easy on theafternoon umbrella drinks, and orderyour mango margarita with dinnerinstead of before it.