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5 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

Larger Utensils

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A covert study sprung on diners at an Italian eatery found that people eating with large forks ate less than people given small forks. The people who ate the most were those with small forks and large portions. The researchers theorize that using bigger utensils makes you feel like you are eating more food so you eat less overall. Capisce?

Blue Plates

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Scientists aren't sure exactly why—perhaps because it's such a soothing color?—but people who eat off of blue plates tend to eat less than people who eat off differently colored plates.

Contrasting Dinnerware

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Plates that contrast with the color of your food help you with portion control, say researchers. A white plate camouflages mashed potatoes and chicken, making you feel like there is less food on your plate. Think green salad on a red plate, beef on blue, and pasta on... paisley?

Smaller Plates

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Bigger isn't always better. When served the same portion of food, people ate less of it when eating off of a small plate than a large one. Scientists hypothesize that seeing more of your plate filled tricks your mind into thinking there is more food in front of you.

Nice Environment

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Anyone who's ever eaten in a dirty restaurant knows that ambiance can make or break a meal. Experts advise taking a few extra minutes to put a nice place setting on the table and clear out any distractions. (No eating standing over the stove and checking your phone!) Not only will you enjoy your food more but you'll pay more attention to how much you're eating, allowing you to recognize when you are full.


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