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The Best Healthy Living Apps for Weight Loss

iCookbook: The Complete Cooking Solution

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With more than 2,000 recipes from nutritionists and chefs, the iCookbook app is perfect for both novice and expert home cooks. You can search based on brand, food group, theme, cuisine, or occasion, and the app also includes conversion charts, timers, substitution lists, and other helpful tools. While it's not free, it won't break your budget, and the recipes are designed for busy, active women, with a focus on readily accessible and affordable ingredients.

Available for: Android, Kindle Fire ($7.99;

All-In Yoga

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Calling all budding yoginis! If you're a yoga newbie, this is the perfect app for you: It includes a guide with more than 300 poses, pictures, and how-to steps, as well as video and audio directions and breathing guides for every style of yoga. Choose from 40 ready-made yoga programs or create your own to fit your level and needs.

Available for: Android, iPad, Kindle Fire ($1.99;


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Runtastic makes it easy to get and stay fit. Simply sync this free app up with your Facebook account, and you can log in and track all your activities. Whether you're running, biking, or hiking, it will track your calories burned, elevation, pace, and distance covered, as well as provide audio feedback.

Available for: Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 (free;


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Scheduling appointments, dealing with the insurance company, and then schlepping to and from the doctor's is often the last thing on your to-do list. Simplify the process by downloading Zoc Doc a free app that allows you to search for physicians near you, make an appointment, and fill out your paperwork in advance, thus enabling you to receive better, faster care than you would have otherwise. No more calling and being put on hold means no more putting off seeing the white coat.

Available for: Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (free;


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Clipix is the only tool you need to organize your life: It's a one-click, save-anything, send-to-anyone app that allows you to save anything you see on the Internet in one place. Now anytime you come across something online that you like—a cute purse you want to buy, a healthy recipe you want to try, a meaningful article you want to share—you can "clip" it to your virtual clipboard. Share with friends and let them know what you're up to, or keep everything private. And while Pinterest offers all of this, Clipix goes a step further. With its "price drop alert" feature, you can score instant discounts on your favorite supplement, clothing, and workout gear.

Available for: Android, iOS (free;


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Social media butterflies will love this free network dedicated entirely to fitness and healthy living. The platform allows users to record thousands of activities and connect with others who are trying to reach similar goals. Join a community group, get followers, send affirmations to your friends, and enter a little friendly one-on-one competition with the app's different challenges. If you feel like you could use some help achieving your goals, you'll like the support group Fitocracy provides.

Available for: Android, iPad, iPhone (free;


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When you find yourself constantly tired, turn to Juice, a free app that allows you to monitor your exercise, sleep, mood, energy, and activity levels, all stored in a virtual juice bottle. Weekly reports help you recognize which activities are optimal for your health—and where you could do a little better.

Available for: iPad, iPhone (free;

AthleteInMe's Calorie Converter

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The award-winning AthleteInMe's Calorie Converter app helps you make better choices when dining out by telling you exactly how many minutes you'd have to exercise in order to burn off menu options. Simply enter your body weight, then select from nearly 3,000 items including Starbucks drinks, fast food, and even beer. You'll think twice about ordering that chocolate tarte for dessert when you learn that you'd have to walk a marathon to negate it.

Available for: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch ($2.99;

Zombies, Run!

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Instead of running on the treadmill or around the block, sprint for your life! Choose from more than 30 missions, then start running to stay ahead of ghouls as you try to prevent future attacks from the living dead at the same time. The faster you go, the more ammo and weapons you can collect, making it more likely that you'll survive. Even cooler: You can create your own playlists before you start running, letting you establish a soundtrack for your adventure. Bragging rights that come from surviving the zombie apocalypse makes this app well worth it.

Available for: Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows ($7.99;


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A modern recipe box, you can find directions on how to cook anything you want with this app, which includes interactive features, tips for making the best use of leftovers, user reviews, photos, and the ability to share what you're cooking and see what other users are whipping up as well. Adding your own recipes is a cinch: Snap a photo of the handwritten or typed instructions, and the app will convert it into a digital version.

Available for: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire (free;


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