Top health and fitness bloggers share the piece of advice that stuck with them the most.


The New Year is here and a new you is probably on your to-do list. Who better to get you off to a good start than bloggers on the front lines? We asked top health and fitness bloggers to cut out the excess information and share the absolute best advice they have ever received.

Dawn Dolobowsky


"Eat things that are ingredients, not things that have ingredients." -Dawn Dolobowsky

Michael J. Schiemer


"You didn't put all that extra weight on overnight, so you aren't going to take it off overnight either. It takes time!" -Michael J Schiemer of My Frugal Fitness

Danielle Liss


"Talk to your doctor. That advice is for real. I have restrictions on what types of exercise I can do, so it was an important discussion." -Danielle Liss of

Keelie Sheridan


"Think about health as a journey instead of a destination. You don't magically arrive at "healthy" and then put it out of your mind-it's a daily promise to keep your body and your mind as happy as possible so you can enjoy life as long as possible." - Keelie Sheridan

Christine Hill O'Sullivan


"Set a goal, like a 5k, and train for it. Crossing the finish line is symbolic for all you went through to get there!" -Christine Hill O'Sullivan of Average Moms Wear Capes

Bonnie Lang


"You can't out-train a poor diet-the importance of nutrition for fitness and weight loss cannot be overstated." -Bonnie Lang of BonnieLangFitness

Carla Birnberg


"From my husband when I was lamenting looking as though I'd never lifted a weight in my life, even though I'd been lifting for years: 'Dude, a calorie isn't a calorie isn't a calorie!' " - Carla Birnberg of MizFit

Tara Martin


"One small change leads to a few small changes. A few small changes lead to many. Many small changes lead to bigger changes. Bigger changes lead to lifestyle changes." -Tara Martin of A Life Changing Journey

Dawn Smith Shaffer


"Do not measure your success by comparing yourself to others, instead concentrate on improving your own personal level of fitness and celebrate the improvements. What really matters is that you are pushing yourself to the best of your ability." -Dawn Smith Shaffer of Dawnie's Life

Tamara Grand


"Eat before you're ravenously hungry. It's much harder to make healthy choices when your body is screaming for fast energy NOW!" -Tamara Grand of Fit Knit Chick

Theodora Blanchfield


"You don't have to be perfect to succeed. Falling off track for a couple meals or even a couple days is fine once you've made it a lifestyle, not a diet." - Theodora Blanchfield of Losing Weight in the City

Katelyn Block


"Eat intuitively, move often, and love thyself." -Katelyn Block of Chef Katelyn

Ashley Cornell


"Tracking what you eat holds you accountable! It really worked for me!" -Ashley Cornell

Robyn Baldwin


"When you set a goal be SMART about it. Be specific. Make it measurable. Make it attainable. Make it relevant. Give yourself a time to complete it by." - Robyn Baldwin

Christine McCarthy


"Just start moving. Increase your fruits and veggies. Drink lots of water." -Christine McCarthy of Oatmeal in My Bowl

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