- Nibble on lowfat crudités like baby carrots dipped in salsa (8 calories, no fat per crudité).

- Enjoy healthful finger foods like grapes (10 grapes, 16 calories, no fat) or strawberries (36 calories, no fat).

- Choose healthy appetizers like 1/2 ounce smoked salmon on a multigrain cracker (4 small berries, 33 calories, .5 gram fat).

- Fill up on raw vegetables (1 cup of mushrooms, zucchini or red peppers has 15–24 calories and no fat).

- Head for the turkey-carving station (3.5 ounces has136 calories and 1 gram fat).

- Scoop up some wild rice (1/2 cup has 83 calories and no fat).

- Have a whole-wheat roll without butter (69 calories, 1 gram fat).

- Savor refreshing sorbet (1/2 cup has 100 calories and 1.5 grams fat).

- Indulge in a sliver (1/8 of a 9-inch pie) of pumpkin pie (300 calories and 14 grams fat). Hold the whipped cream.

- Munch on ginger snaps (about 30 calories and less than 1 gram fat each).

- Unwind with a cup of hot herbal tea, a relaxing nightcap with no calories or fat.


- Snack on fattening chips and dip (about 175 calories and 12 grams fat per 1 ounce of chips and 1 tablespoon of dip).

- Load up on greasy finger foods like buffalo wings (160 calories, 11 grams fat each).

- Top a Town House cracker with a chunk of Cheddar cheese (1 cracker, 18 calories and 1 gram fat; 1 ounce Cheddar, 100 calories and 9 grams fat).

- Get creamed on creamed spinach (1/2 cup has 169 calories and 13 grams fat).

- Head for the prime rib-carving station (3 ounces has 300 calories and 24 grams fat).

- Get stuffed on stuffing (1/2 cup has 179 calories and 9 grams fat).

- Wolf down two mini croissants (130 calories, 8 grams fat each).

- Go for Häagen-Dazs ice cream (1/2 cup has 250 calories and 20 grams fat).

- Indulge in a slice (1/5 of an 8-inch pie) of pecan pie (520 calories and 23 grams fat).

- Chow down on a pecan shortbread cookie (76 calories and 5 grams fat each).

- Nod off with a brandy Alexander (130 calories per 11/2-ounce jigger).

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