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I love Dr. Oz. He has the ability to take complicated medical conditions and issues and break them down into explanations that are simple, clear and many times enlightening. And he takes that same easy-to-understand tone (backed by solid research, no doubt!) and applies it to weight-loss in his new book called YOU: Losing Weight: The Owner's Manual to Simple and Healthy Weight Loss.

Based on the idea (that we love!) that there are no shortcuts when it comes to weight-loss, the book explains that it just takes time and the smarts to do it right. Dr. Oz wrote the book with the founder of RealAge.com, Michael F. Roizen, MD, to give readers their best collective 99 tips and strategies for getting the body - and waist size - that they have always wanted.

With a little wit and a lot of wisdom, the duo explains why crash dieting can't work for the long term, along with sharing their favorite weight-loss super-foods and exercise suggestions on how to get the most from any workout. With food plans, recipes (including the best breakfast smoothie ever!) and advice on the science of losing it for good, this little pocket-size paperback is key reading for anyone looking to drop a few pounds for summer!